“Going to Diana for hypnotherapy was one of the best decisions I’ve made for myself. I’m one who constantly stressed and took everything to heart, good or bad. I was also very hard on myself when it came to self-image. After just one visit, I noticed a total difference in myself. I felt like a whole new person! My mother and fiancé said they could definitely see a change. All I could say was that the experience was ‘Amazing!’ I knew right away that this was something I was going to continue practicing to keep myself stress-free and feeling confident!”

E. H., Aurora, IL

“I relaxed in a way that I never thought I could. I also learned techniques to use on my own to reduce stress, especially for when I work on homework for my degree program.”

Joseph F., Plainfield, IL

“My experience with hypnotherapy has been a positive one. Diana has taught me to find the source within to calm and relax myself. It has made me aware that my personal wellness completely lies within myself. By experiencing hypnotherapy, it has given me a positive energy in my day to day life. I also got the best night’s sleep that I ever had in a long time!

Jessica L., Plainfield, IL

“It was relaxing-no pressure. It gave me hope-helped me form my intention” -J. K.

“It was relaxing and calm”…I gained “positive self-image”  -K. K.

“My pain in my neck was gone.”  -D. P.

(I gained) “positive feelings that my goals could be accomplished” and “ I learned how to enforce myself to be positive” -C. R.

“Her voice and words were very soothing, and I felt so good and so relaxed”-C. H.

I liked “the peacefulness and the suggestions of another way to look at stress and situations.”  -M.M.

“I relaxed and finally let go of some things-I would like to do more. I felt so great and light” -P. M.

“Loved the relaxation!” -K. H.

“Decreased tightness in my shoulders” -M.B.